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Helene really knows her stuff! I thought my puppy was unhappy and mean, due to her constant growling, but found out from Helene she is just “vocal”. I appreciated learning how to handle the puppies in a confident manner so they don’t run the house anymore. I now feel like I am in control! I can relax and enjoy my puppies-now we are a family. Thanks for all your help and being so flexible with appointments! Nicole R.

Helene is a personable, professional, knowledgeable dog trainer. She is truly interested and cares about the success of the pet and owner. She individualizes the needs of the dog and considers any medical aspects relating to the issue. I liked how she intentionally chose locations to enhance the training experience and was able to keep me and my dog focused at all times. Having Helene work with my pet and I is one of the best things I’ve done since moving to Florida! Kathleen

Dog Training by Helene Scott

Kathy is giving the command sit and stay to Mika(Akita) & Zeus(Husky)

To Whom It May Concern: I am writing in reference to Helene Scott and the Florida Dog Training School. Over a year ago, I had welcomed a beautiful chocolate lab into my life. Between my fiance and me, we were clueless how to train our newest addition. We heard horror stories from our friends about obedience schools being a waste of time and causing more problems because their pets were not being trained properly. After a lot of searching, we found the Florida Dog Training School. After meeting Helene and seeing her interact with our lab, (Jackson), I had no doubt in my mind that she would be a perfect fit for us. I knew my lab would be trained and that we would enjoy having her come by once a week. I did however worry about one thing, that my lab would only listen to my fiance. Unfortunately, in the beginning, Jackson only responded to a man’s voice and therefore a man’s commands. Within one week of starting our training, Jackson was not only responding to the training but also to my commands. (We even did a “test” where both my fiance and I called the dog and each time he ran to me first!) I can honestly say that we had an amazing experience working with Helene. So much so that when we decided to get a second dog, this time a jack russell, we did not even hesitate to call Helene for assistance. I personally recommend Helene and the Florida Dog Training School to anyone. Thank you! Beth Kaczowka Thanks,

Hello Ted is doing wonderful. He is not scared of any of the boys we have here. He allows any one to take him out of the cage. He is truly great. I really dont know what the previous owners did to him but he a sweet little boy… Thanks Jenny – SPCA of West Pasco, Inc

Helene, Thank you for you kindness and understanding in this difficult matter… It is so reassuring to know there are people involved with animals who really care. Debbi J.

Hi Helene I tried to walk them together last nite, (practicing a little bit of both options-holding them close and letting them wander until there was tension on the leash) and I am happy to say that both were effective! We even made it down the stairs past the neighbors dog no problem! It worked so well, I actually felt smug watching a woman be dragged down the street by a small poodle. Thank you for all your help! Debbie V., Ren, and Angus

Hi Helene, … Monty is doing great. We’re on 2 full months with zero accidents! The bell works great!! We are going on vacation for 1 week. A friend of ours is taking him. We did 1 overnight test-run and he did very very good…

Hi Helene, Donovan is doing great with his training. I take him on a 30 min. walk everyday. He does heel and automatic sit great now. It’s such a joy to be able to take him on a nice walk everyday without him dragging me all over. I still do the training sessions everyday for 15-20 min. I’ve started making him do ‘DOWN” for longer periods of time, and even made him do down and stay while I went out the back door, rang the doorbell and walked in the front door!!!! Pretty cool huh? … Thanks for all your help…it made a world of difference. Sincerely, Lisa S.

Hi Helene, … Maya is doing very well with the new training, and we’re looking forward to the next session! Elizabeth

Hi Helene, Just wanted to give you a little update…Monty is doing great with all the commands — including “Lay Down”!!! … Pam

Helene, … Thanks again for your help. Suki is doing great with the instruction. She heels great and she sits on heel almost every time without a prompt. Her come is good too, but I haven’t tried it off the leash when she is distracted… Best regards, Keith F.

Helene, Willy is doing fine. He is still the King of the castle, but at least now he lets us have some say in what matters.!! Thanks again. Ruth & Steve

Long time no talk/see. I saw the article a while back and it was very well done. I hope it has brought you a ton of business. As it turns out (surprise-surprise) you were right, 6 weeks was all we needed. We have been working with Derby probably not as much as we should but he is doing great! Exactly what we have always wanted. If you would like to use us a reference feel free. Good Luck. Jessica Warnk

Hi my friend–just wanted to update you… Duke is doing really good–knock on wood–and I’ve developed a really stern voice with gooey praise afterwards. Seems to be working… Love, Betty and Larry and Dukey “Beladu”

Hi Helene, … Bear is so so funny! She still will only go in the pool on a raft. She looks for it & at one of us to push it over to the side so she can get on it & float like the Pampered Pooch she is! I’ve attached a picture of her & Joseph from Mother’s Day. The past couple of days I have taken her out in the afternoon & evenings off of her leash to go potty. We practice “stay” & “come” and she is doing well… Hope you had a nice holiday weekend. Shelley

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