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My Dog Training Philosophy

Florida Dog Training School of Tampa will provide you with the guidance you need for the proper raising and care of your canine companion.  We believe that dog training is a two way street and that is why we teach both you AND your dog.

YOU WILL LEARN patience, praise, repetition, and communication with your dog.

YOUR DOG WILL LEARN obedience, right from wrong, and what is expected of him or her through the use
of love, praise, and positive reinforcement.

At Florida Dog Training School, we understand that no two dogs are the same. All dogs, like their owners, are different. Each has their own individual needs and learning abilities. Each has their own particular strengths and weaknesses. Because of this variety in personalities and needs, we strongly believe that private in-home training programs, specifically designed to meet you and your pets needs, are the best way to ensure that you and your dog both have a long and happy relationship.


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It’s important to remember that dogs are social creatures. They feel best when they are surrounded by love and happiness. Dogs without structure are more likely to be insecure, stressed and confused. These symptoms can lead to inappropriate behavior.

If a dog misbehaves, it is because he or she does not understand what is acceptable behavior. A dog will look to his or her owner for direction. You are the “leader of the pack”. If you do not set the rules, your dog will try to take over leadership. It is crucial for the owner to establish dominance over the dog. This can only be done with clear and consistent guidelines. That is how your dog will learn what is expected of him or her.

That’s why our training programs take place in your home. This is where you share your life with your pet and where appropriate behavior is needed. Our training is done one to one, enabling the trainer to bring your dog up to his or her full potential.

We believe that training requires love, praise, and positive reinforcement. These are crucial elements of effective dog training. That’s why all our dogs are trained with patience, love, and understanding by a Certified Master Dog Trainer who lives in the Tampa area.

For more information about our Training Philosophy or to arrange for a FREE in-home evaluation with you and your dog, please contact Florida Dog Training School of Tampa today at 813-951-4480.

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