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Hi fellow dog lovers! I'm Helene Scott, the proud owner of the Florida Dog Training School of Tampa.


Are you ready to have a well-behaved and obedient furry friend by your side? Look no further than my Basic Obedience Training program.


I am dedicated to helping you and your dog build a strong foundation of obedience and manners.


Let's dive in and discover how this program can transform your dog's behavior for the better!

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Complimentary Evaluation

Before we begin, let's start with a complimentary evaluation.


This gives me the chance to meet you and your dog, understand your training goals, and design a customized plan that suits your specific needs.


Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity.

Why Basic Obedience Matters

I can't stress enough how important basic obedience is for a harmonious relationship between you and your dog. It helps establish clear communication, fosters mutual respect, and ensures your dog's safety.

With my expert training techniques, I'll teach your furry friend essential commands and behaviors that will make your life together so much easier.

The Florida Dog Training School Difference

At the Florida Dog Training School of Tampa, I take a professional and personalized approach to Basic Obedience Training. Here's why my program stands out:


  • Positive Reinforcement: I firmly believe in using praise and rewards to motivate and reinforce desired behaviors. No harsh methods or punishment here—just lots of love and positive vibes!

  • Experienced Trainer: With over 20 years of experience, I have a deep understanding of dog behavior. You can trust that your dog is in capable hands.

  • Customized Training: I tailor the training to your dog's unique needs and personality. No two dogs are the same, so I adapt my methods to ensure success.

  • Family Involvement: I encourage the whole family to participate in the training process. After all, consistency is key, and when everyone is on the same page, training becomes more effective.

What Your Dog Will Learn

My Basic Obedience Training covers a range of fundamental commands and behaviors that will make your dog a polite and well-mannered companion.


By practicing these commands, you'll create a well-behaved and obedient companion who listens attentively and behaves appropriately in various situations.

Here are some key skills we'll work on:


  • HEEL: Master the art of loose-leash walking with the "Heel" command. Say goodbye to leash pulling as I teach your dog to walk calmly by your side, making walks enjoyable for both of you.

  • SIT: The "Sit" command is the foundation of obedience. I'll teach your dog to sit and stay in one place until given a release command, promoting self-control and a well-behaved demeanor.

  • DOWN: We'll work on the "Down" command to train your dog to lie down on command. This versatile command promotes relaxation, helps control energy levels, and is useful in various situations.

  • STAY: Ensure your dog's safety and obedience with the "Stay" command. I'll teach them to remain in a designated spot until you give them the signal to move, providing control and preventing impulsive behaviors.

  • OFF: Say goodbye to jumping and unruly behavior with the "Off" command. I'll help your dog learn to keep all paws on the ground, promoting polite greetings and creating a calm environment.

  • COME: Building a strong recall is vital, so we'll focus on the "Come" command. I'll teach your dog to come to you promptly when called, ensuring their safety and allowing for off-leash control during outings and activities.

  • OK: Use the "OK" command to release your dog from a command or restriction. The "OK" command signals that they are free to proceed, promoting clear communication and reinforcing positive behavior.

  • NO: Establishing boundaries and discouraging unwanted behaviors is important, so we'll work on the "No" command. I'll help your dog understand when they should stop or refrain from a particular action, fostering respect and compliance.

  • LOOSE-LEASH WALKING: Say goodbye to leash pulling! I'll teach your dog to walk politely by your side without pulling or dragging you around, making your walks more enjoyable and stress-free.

  • LEAVE IT: We'll work on the "Leave It" command to help your dog understand that they should leave objects or distractions alone when commanded. This command promotes safety and prevents your dog from picking up harmful or unwanted items.

  • BASIC MANNERS: Polite manners are essential, so we'll focus on general behaviors such as waiting patiently, not begging for food, and listening to commands even in distracting situations. This ensures that your dog is well-mannered and respectful in various environments.

Complimentary Evaluation

Are you excited to see your dog become a well-behaved superstar?


Don't wait any longer - contact us now at
813-951-4480 to schedule your complimentary evaluation.

request A quote

Why Choose Me for Basic Obedience Training?


Results That Last: My goal is to equip you and your dog with skills that will last a lifetime. I focus not just on immediate results but also on building a strong foundation that ensures long-term success.


Positive and Enjoyable Experience: Training should be fun for both you and your dog! My methods are designed to create a positive and enjoyable learning environment, making the training process engaging and rewarding for everyone involved.


Individualized Attention: I understand that every dog is unique. That's why I provide individualized attention to address specific challenges and tailor my approach to suit your dog's personality, learning style, and behavioral needs.


Real-World Application: My training extends beyond the training grounds. I incorporate real-life scenarios into our sessions to ensure that your dog's obedience skills are applicable in various environments, such as parks, streets, and public spaces.


Ongoing Support: My commitment to you and your dog doesn't end after the training program. I provide ongoing support and guidance to help you navigate any challenges that may arise and ensure continued success even after the training is complete.


Ready to unleash your dog's full potential?

Take the first step towards a well-behaved and obedient companion by scheduling your complimentary evaluation with me.


I'm eager to meet you and your dog, understand your goals, and create a customized training plan that fits your needs.

Join the ranks of happy and satisfied dog owners who have witnessed the transformation of their furry friends through my Basic Obedience Training program.

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