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Dogs and Valentine's Day

Dogs and Valentine's Day
Dogs and Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and I am here to tell you to stop daydreaming about flowers, chocolates, and the cute little hearts proclaiming “Be Mine” when the perfect valentine has already given their heart and soul to you, but you already know that. Yahoo News recently reported that one in five people would prefer to spend this sacred love day with their pet over their partner.

I think we can all agree with that! So here are some reasons why dogs make the best Valentine’s Day companions.

- Dogs are super easy to talk to and they don’t talk back. Well, not in human. - Doggie slobber is cute. Human date slobber is disgusting. - You don’t have to share your dessert with a dog or buy them flowers and chocolates (and shouldn’t). - Dogs don’t care if you are “presentable” or not. You don’t have to buy expensive clothes or wear painful but beautiful shoes to hang out with your dog. You don’t even have to shower or put on pants. - Dogs are funny and goofy, and gladly clean food right off the kitchen floor when you drop it. - Pup snuggles are literally the Best. Thing. Ever. And when your dog nuzzles into you and sighs a bit, you will stay still in that exact same position for hours while your arm falls painfully asleep as not to disrupt their comfort.

Now that we have determined why your dog makes the perfect companion here are some tips when touching and playing with him.

When touching your dog:

- Lovingly invite your dog to come to you for attention. Some dogs like to cuddle while others simply like to be near you and not necessarily touched. If Fido gets up from cuddling he should be free to do so. Like humans, sometimes dogs need their own space. It is extremely important to understand your dog’s comfort level with affection. - Scratch your dog on the side of the neck, back, or on his chest. The best way to tell if your dog enjoys it is to stop and if they try to get you to continue you know you are good to go. - People enjoy getting and giving hugs and kisses, but some dogs aren’t fond of this type of affection. Your dog’s personality will dictate the type of loving you can safely and comfortably shower upon your pup. - Invite your dog to sit with you while you read or watch TV. Let them lean on you or put their head on your lap.

When playing with your dog:

- Play games like fetch and hide and seek that do not involve chasing or rough play. - ake your dog for lots of walks.

- Understand your dog and learn to read their body language to better evaluate what your dog is trying to tell you. A happy dog will pant and wag his tail loosely while an anxious dog might show a half moon of white in his eye or he may lick his lips or yawn. If he turns his head or walks away, he wants to be left alone.

- A dog that suddenly goes stiff and still is very dangerous and might be ready to bite and should be left alone.

Dogs truly make the best Valentine’s Day companion. We love our dogs for so many reasons and want to shower them with love which is why it is so important to understand how to touch and play with them. This requires understanding their body language and personality. Florida Dog Training School of Tampa specializes in teaching these skills to dog owners for a happy and healthy coexistence.

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