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Separation Anxiety - How to Help Your Dog

Separation Anxiety - How to Help Your Dog
Separation Anxiety - How to Help Your Dog

Do the neighbors complain that your dog made everyone crazy by howling and barking when you were away? Have you experienced that while away, your dog has ruined some of your favorite household items? These may be the symptoms of separation anxiety in your dog. Florida Dog Training has some suggestions from “private in your home” dog training expert, Helene Scott which can help your dog overcome the separation anxiety while you are away at work, holiday vacation or weekend trips.

Go out for a walk with your dog before you leave the house for the day.

Every morning take your dog for a brisk and heavy walk. The basic idea is that after the walk, your dog will need to relax and rest. So you can leave for your office without much concern.

Do not make a big ordeal for your dog when you leave and return everyday

We know that you love your dog a great deal, but making too much eye contact and petting before leaving can make your dog respond with anxiety once you are not there. Make your dog feel that going to the office and coming back is a normal routine every day. Keep calm and behave normal when you leave and the return home.

Be calm when you leave

Be assertive and don’t show your nervousness and tension for the dog while you are away. You should leave for work confidently. This will help in easing the separation anxiety in the dog.

Always start with small amounts of separation

Puppy training starts with small things. You should make your puppy learn to stay alone for one hour at a time to start with. Gradually increase this time and eventually you’ll see that the dog can stay alone for a longer duration of time. This is the best way to get your dog accustomed to living alone while you are at your office for as long as six to eight hours.

Audio books, radio or leaving the TV on can help your dog

Various research has shown that dogs like hearing the human voice and this can help ease the separation anxiety in the dogs while the owner is away.

Healthy diet for dogs

The best schools providing dog training in Tampa suggest that a healthy diet is another good way of treating the anxiety in your dogs.

Behavior change

Dogs exhibit separation anxiety when you disrupt their routine.

Install a camera that will allow you to speak to your dog throughout the day

This can give you peace of mind that the dog is OK. There are special camera that allow you to offer the dog a treat during the day.

If your dog is experiencing problems with separation anxiety, you should take the help of professional private in your home dog training experts. Our dog training methods are based on praise and positive reinforcement and NEVER use punishment to obtain results. We believe in working closely with you and your entire family, since you will all be involved in the ongoing training of your dog. If you need a certified professional dog trainer in the Tampa, Florida area please contact Helene Scott directly @ 813-951-4480 or submit for a free in-home evaluation today!

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